Worldwide Support
Service Philosophy

AEI believes in providing world class quality service with in-depth knowledge of the Hospitality Industry and innovative, stylish designs that meet and often exceed the high expectations of hoteliers worldwide. Our global coverage begins with a network of strategic partners, distributors and dealers that understand how to service local customers in their local language, within the local culture. The right attitude, adopted at headquarters, permeates the worldwide organization.

Customer Service

Customer service representatives provide cheerful, responsive answers to customer inquiries. Our customer service representatives provide prompt order status throughout the sales process, until final delivery has taken place.

Support Services

AEI offers its hotel customers a wide range of services to satisfy their individual needs. Among those we offer:

  • Customized faceplates with hotel logo, address, dialing instructions and any additional information required
  • Customized colors and icons
  • Factory pre-programmed speed dial buttons